Puppy Development Series 2 – Exercise for the Little Guys

On July 15, 2015, Lancelot x Bridget had a litter of  borzoi puppies. The “Irish Airs” litter will be the subjects of a series of posts about early puppy development  here at Aria.  Watch them grow up and learn how you can use puppyhood experiences to help build confident, resourceful adult dogs that handle stressors well and are emotionally solid in a wide variety of situations.

Exercise for the Little Guys

When puppies are very young, their world is very small.
When puppies are very young, their world is very small.

When you are a nursing puppy, there’s very little to your entire universe. Your mother, your littermates, a small area, possible a few toys and textures to interact with.  Oh, and those magical two legged creatures called humans! Life is a cycle of eat, play, sleep and grow.  And that’s just fine – all is, as it should be.

At this age, your body and brain are growing very quickly that eat-sleep-play-grow is about all you can handle. But soon, wonderful new vistas will open to you!  Bigger pen, new and even more exciting toys, more humans, other dogs and even, yes… the great outdoors!

Rest up, little guys.  It’ll all be waiting for you when you’re ready.