Introducing “Minnie” – 8 Week Photos – Available!

available borzoi puppy

On August 4th 2017, Seamus x Melody had a litter of borzoi puppies. Over the next few days, we’ll be doing something a little different with our “Daily Cute” and introducing the girls that aren’t spoken for.  If you’ve considered adding a companion, performance or show borzoi to your life, have a look at THESE cutie pies! 

Like all the dogs born here at Aria, puppies from this 2017 “Van Morrison” litter begin life with all the advantages we can give them.  Intensive pedigree research, as well as temperament testing and health screenings are all crucial parts of our breeding program, and all our litters receive the “SuperDog” puppy development exercises used by the US Army. You can read about them in an upcoming blog post we have planned soon. We strive to breed borzoi that excel in their lives, whether that be in the show ring, the field, as a beloved family pet, or (as most of our dogs) some combination of all of the above!

available borzoi puppy
This is Minnie.

This is an 8 week old photo of “Minnie.” This little girl is a bundle of happy, and loves to play with her littermates and charm ALL the people.  She has a scrappy attitude and is good at figuring things out. Minnie is available to a companion home. $1000

Minnie – 8 Weeks Old
Day 1, Girl 4 “Minnie”  Happy “Birth-Day”

The link to our questionnaire is HERE.

   Feel free to contact us on Facebook at Aria Borzoi to inquire about pedigree or any other questions you might have.  



Van Morrison Litter- Day One

Finally, it’s time!  The puppies have all arrived.  Melody has done a fine job cleaning them and letting them nurse for the first time as a litter while they all catch their breath.  It’s a special moment, a pause before the serious business of life, growth and motherhood begins in earnest.

Individual pup pics and profiles are coming, including other puppy goodness from previous litters, and the inside scoop on how we use the neonatal experiences a puppy has to condition them to be successful in later life.  Stay tuned!


Melody-The new mother and her litter, just after whelping.

Watch This Space!

Watch This Space!

Hi folks- This is Chelle Griffith, guest blogger and official Aria Borzoi Hound Hugger dropping in to share some exciting news!

There has been a new litter of gorgeous borzoi puppies born at Aria, and while I wasn’t there house sitting (darn it!) I get to be the one to chronicle their journey from itty-bitty speed jelly beans into a small horde of gleeful galloping goofhunds, ready to begin their lives with their new families.  We will be not only sharing photos, and updates, but also talking about the strategies and timetable of raising a vibrantly healthy, well-adjusted litter of puppies.  There will be fun flashbacks to other Aria litters, stories from the whelping box, discussion topics, candid photos, and a double helping of all things borzoi.  So, stay tuned!  Thanks for reading!

goofhund– (noun) Any of a breed of juvenile sight-hound puppies, gleefully bent on cheerful mischief and/or destruction.  See also galloping goofball, terror teeth, puppy Destructo.

This post brought to you by Author C.T. (Chel) Griffith, guest blogger, borzoi enthusiast and hound hugger.