Why Rescue Groups Should Support Efforts to Reform Dog Breeding

When a dog breeder is failing to take proper care of his or her dogs and isn’t willing to accept help from peers, rescue groups are often the ones who step in. Depending on the size of the breeding operation and the condition of the dogs, rescue volunteers can face some daunting issues.
We would like to see a world in which all breeding dogs and puppies are treated humanely and shown kindness so that large surrenders become much less frequent.
At the National Association for Dog Breeding Reform, we believe that many breeders do an excellent job and their work that has preserved many of the dog breeds we love. We don’t want to end dog breeding by the many dedicated people who do it the right way.
It’s easy to look at the world and see what rescue and breeders don’t have in common, to look at them as competitors arguing for different approaches to finding the perfect companion animal.
The truth is there isn’t one right way to find a dog to love. People are different. Some go right to a rescue. Some people won’t get a dog unless it comes from a breeder they know and trust. Others head right to the local shelter.
I think about what rescue and good breeders have in common. Imagine how many fewer surrenders there would be if every breeder met the standards that the best ones do. Imagine how much better it would be for breeding dogs if there were validated standards for breeders and enough resources to do the needed inspections and enforce the standards fairly. Imagine how much better it would be for responsible breeders if those who lack the compassion to do breeding the right way were incented to do something else.
Ethical breeders are providing a service that meets a need. Some Americans want a puppy that has been bred with care, a puppy with a known history, and a puppy that comes with access to advice from a genuine expert on the breed.
There are many ways to work together to improve the lives of puppies and parents. We think that rescue, responsible breeders, veterinarians, and dog owners all have a stake in making breeding better for the dogs.
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