Happy HOWL-O-WEEN ! – Part 2 -Coloring Page

Happy Howl-O-Ween 2017!  To quote Vincent Price… “The midnight hour is close at hand…”
Well, your markers and crayons better be, too! Because here’s a Halloween themed coloring page, featuring Barnabas (the undisputed Aria King of Halloween) and his batch of “bitty bitches.” These are the girls from Aria’s latest Van Morrison litter, whelped back in August. 

Happy Howl-O-Ween From Barnabas and the “Bitty Bitches” of the 2017 Van Morrison litter

You’re welcome to share, print, color and have fun with this coloring page, as long as you share artist credit when you do (me!  -Chelle Griffith) If you feel like showing off how you colored them, I’d love to see them and will share my favorites on Facebook.  So, not a contest exactly, but you do get braggin’ rights… Email these puppies to me by sending them to info@ariaborzoi.com

Barnabas, surrounded by adoring fans…

In case you’re curious about our models, Barnabas (Bronze GCH Aria Zorya Dark Shadows “Barnabus”) JUST celebrated his 9th birthday last weekend,  (Don’t tell him – he thinks he’s 2!) and celebrated by living it up with his adoring puppy minions.  This is definitely a case of art imitating life! 😀 “Big B” is the chief borzoi babysitter at Aria, and has been the big snuggly role model for a couple generations of Aria pups.  

Up next… Stay tuned for a list of the scariest things your dog could eat on Halloween, and what to do about it if they do – complete with poison control hotlines.  

  • -C.T. (Chelle) Griffith, Aria hound hugger, pizza guy terrorizer and very bad dancer.