“2 Spot” – Adoption Spotlight

“2 Spot” – Available to a Show, Performance or Companion Home 

Two Spot at 11 Weeks

Two Spot’s the kind of puppy that likes to be noticed, and she doesn’t miss much, either!   She’s one of the first ones to check things out and interact with new things in their area.  

Two Spot at 8 weeks old
Two Spot, checking out the Adventure Box!

On August 4th 2017, Seamus x Melody had a litter of gorgeous, sweet and healthy borzoi puppies.  

Like all the dogs born here at Aria, puppies from this 2017 “Van Morrison” litter begin life with all the advantages we can give them.  Intensive pedigree research, as well as temperament testing and health screenings are all crucial parts of our breeding program, and all our litters receive the “SuperDog” puppy development exercises used by the US Army. You can read about the exercises in an upcoming blog post we have planned soon.

Two Spot’s gonna do what Two Spot’s gonna do! And right now, she’s mugging for attention.

We strive to breed borzoi that excel in their lives, whether that be in the show ring, the field, as a beloved family pet, or (as most of our dogs) some combination of all of the above!

Oops! Two Spot’s outta gas… nap time.

Two Spot would be happy to be your companion, but would also welcome a challenge like the show ring, coursing or other performance activities.  If you like the inquisitive type, this could be the little girl for you.   If you’ve been waiting for JUST the right borzoi to share your life with, , check out our puppy adoption questionnaire, here —> LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE

To see our other available puppies and dogs, go to our available dogs page, here —> AVAILABLE DOGS AND PUPPIES

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