Puppy Development Series 1- The Magic of the First Month

On July 15, 2015, Lancelot x Bridget had a litter of  borzoi puppies. The “Irish Airs” litter will be the subjects of a series of posts about early puppy development  here at Aria.  Watch them grow up and learn how you can use puppyhood experiences to help build confident, resourceful adult dogs that handle stressors well and are emotionally solid in a wide variety of situations.

The Magic of the First Month -Individualism

Little puppy Seamus has escaped the puppy pen and the mauling of his brothers and sisters, to enjoy a dignified nap with mom, Bridget.

Click HERE to see their video! “They’re starting to get interesting!”

Something magical starts happening around the first month of a puppy’s life –  Individualism!  Once their eyes are fully open and they’ve had a little practice moving around on purpose, suddenly, they start to realize that they are a unique entity and can affect the world around them.  This is the beginning of personality, and the seeds of the dog they will become.

They learn their first lessons about touch, texture, bite inhibition and so much more while they’re bumbling about at this age, simply being adorable.  It may not look like much to our eyes, but their little brains and bodies are working overtime to grow and learn.

It’s an exciting time to be a puppy! Yay for individualization!

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