Administrative Schedule for A Litter -What to Do Before They Go Home

Most people raising a litter of puppies did NOT get decide to do so because they were just dying to do paperwork – but, sadly, you do need to take some time away from the rewarding work and do the boring work too.  Here are a few guidelines on some of the things you’ll need, paperwork wise, for an AKC registered litter here in the United States. 

This is Bandit

AKC Paperwork

  • Pay the Stud Fee.
  • Register the Litter Online (for natural breedings with no lease agreement)
  • Register the Litter by Mail (for all other breeding situations)

If you are registering the litter by mail, you will need to send a self-addressed envelope with a check made out to the AKC and the Stud Fee to the stud owner and/or any other co-owners.

Schedule Important Evaluations and Events

This is Freckles.
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Temperament Testing
  • Puppy Walk (you may want to send out “save the date” invitations for any puppy parties/events you have planned – get that on the calendar too!)
  • Puppy Pickups

Testing and Health Appointments

available borzoi puppy
This is Minnie.
  • First Well-Puppy Exams
  • Schedule Eye Exam
  • Schedule Heart Exam
  • Fecal Exam
  • Schedule Vaccinations at appropriate times
  • Microchip Implantation
  • …and don’t forget to schedule any other breed-specific testing, screening or registry you wish to participate in.

Going-Home Preparation Shopping List

  • Microchipping Service (AKC Reunite, Avid, HomeAgain)
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Toys
  • Adult Dog Kibble (for use as training treats)
  •  Tubes of Bravo, ProBalance, or other supplementation
  • Notebooks, Binders, Sheet Protectors for your Going Home Books
  • Any Whistles, Lanyards, or Clickers

Going Home Books

Many breeders like to send their pups home with their new families complete with a “Going Home” Book.  Part Baby-Book, part contract keeper, and part owner’s manual, a Going Home book is a customized reference you can put together for each family, customized for each puppy they’re bringing home.  It can include candid puppy photos, copies of your contract/purchase agreements, all of your health records, testing, microchip information as well as any handouts you’d like to provide on the pup’s pedigree, color photos of the proud parents, and anything else that could come in handy.  In addition to being handy to have, this can end up being a treasured keepsake, and a place where they store ALL their dog’s records, in time.  Here’s what you can do to prepare a good, useful Going Home book to send along with your puppy:

  • Order a pedigree
  • Have your puppy contracts and warranties in order
  • Fill out a good medical history
  • Share your ongoing notes on your puppy’s temperament testing and training
  • Print out good color photos of both the sire and the dam to share
  • Have a health certificate and any other travelling papers in order
  • A structural evaluation
  • A pamphlet or some information on the breed

What You Should Provide To New Owners

  • Puppy Book, including all of the above
  • Leash and Collar
  • Food/Supplements
  • Training Treats
  • Whistles/Lanyards/Clicker – Training Basics
  • A Familiar Toy

Be sure to register the puppy with the AKC and activate their microchip when the buyer is there, provide all the health records and a copy of their contract and warranty.  They’ll want to look to you for guidance in the months to come, especially if they’re new to the breed, and will appreciate any details on their particular puppy that you care to share.  Most people absolutely love getting candid puppy pictures!

Having all your paperwork in order, and some thoughtful extras helps ensure a smooth transition where everyone can relax and enjoy the happiness that comes along with knowing that another great dog went to another great home and will go on to lead a life where they are loved, appreciated and cared for.  After all, you worked hard and went the extra mile  to give them the best start you could – and now it’s time to savor the results!


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