Your Daily Cute- Monday 7/25, Aria Borzoi Encore x Zen Litter

Yesterday’s Highlights

What a lovely, peaceful Sunday!  Lots of sleeping, nursing and playing.  Zen was very hungry today- VERY hungry.  She’d take a stroll with me whenever I left the pup room, follow me into the rest of the house, go right into the kitchen, and STARE at the fridge.  She knew I had all sorts of good stuff in there for her, to go along with her high-quality kibble.  We started adding more raw a couple days ago, and it seems to be upping her milk production AND her appetite! She just hasn’t been as excited about canned food as she was about the

2016-07-24 12.51.32
Orange poses for his closeup. He hasn’t gotten a lot of camera time yet, because he’s usually either sleeping, or nursing at the bottom of the pile at the back on the very BEST teats.  There’s a ton of personality in a compact package! 
2016-07-24 12.51.44
Brown, honey, I know you want to start solid foods soon – but your sister’s face isn’t the best place to start.  We’ll do something good tomorrow, ok?  
2016-07-24 12.52.12
Lt. Blue is a silly boy who wants to play more than nap.  No, he’s not a Lieutenant. Lt. stands for “Light.” We already had a “Blue” and limited collar colors to choose from. 
2016-07-24 12.54.08
Orange and Green are brothers that are nearly inseparable.  You’ll often see them hanging out together. 
2016-07-24 14.58.50
Not everyone wants to cuddle! Some puppies would rather brawl!


2016-07-24 14.59.01
Ahhh… the peace is restored!
2016-07-24 14.59.16
This is about the time their little “borzoi yoga poses” start happening.
2016-07-24 15.10.34
This pose is called “Downward Dzzzzzz.”
2016-07-24 15.18.12
Awww… Brown spoons Red.  
2016-07-24 14.59.08
When Orange is up to some mischief, Green likes to cuddle up to Sock Monkey instead.

Your Daily Cute brought to you by fantasy author and lifelong borzoi enthusiast C.T. (“Chel”) Griffith, guest blogger at Aria Borzoi. You can check out my other work at my site

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