Photo Flashback- July 6th, 1 day old

Day One

You know, I’d never seen brand new puppies before being there when Zen delivered this litter.  So, I took a LOT of photos.  Most were crummy, but I got a couple of really adorable ones.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

July 7th 1
Mama’s Girl.

I pulled an all nighter that first night… and many nights thereafter. There was no fanfare of trumpets and awesomeness when the dawn comes- there was something a billion times better.  There were puppies.  And some espresso.  And then, a nap.  Borzoi puppies are one of the best things in the universe – even better, they grow up to be borzois!

July 7tth 3
I wonder if Zen’s thinking “Look at all my gorgeous babies!”?

When the dust settled and it was all over, we had 5 Girls, 4 Boys and all some shade of redhead.  Not surprising, given their parents.  Rita said it was interesting how they arrived: Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl.  She said that they were probably segregated by sex in each horn of Zen’s uterus… girls on one side, and boys on the other.  Doesn’t mean anything, just interesting.

July 7th 2
Or is it “Oh my god, what have I gotten myself in to?”

I love these flashbacks.  Looking back, I can see how much they’ve grown.  My GOD how much they’ve grown!!! I can hardly believe it!

Brought to you by C.T. (“Chel”) Griffith, housesitter, houndhugger and holding down the fort at Aria Hounds.

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