Puppy Announcement! Encore x Zen

July 4th 2
Zen resting up before the big event…

On the 4th of July, while everyone else was waiting for fireworks to pop, we were waiting for PUPS to pop!  As soon as the dawn’s early light of July 5th, Zen was ready to put on her own little show, delighting us with a litter of 9 fiery redheads – 5 girls and 6 boys!

I’m C.T. (“Chel”) Griffith, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be here at Aria Borzoi, holding down the fort. I’ll also be blogging – yes, with pictures! – about these pups and lives as they grow from furry little speed jellybeans into happy, vigorous, well-adjusted pups ready to begin their successful futures in the field, show ring, and homes of the families who will love them.  In addition to being the “foreign correspondent” for a few weeks, I’m also chief cook, bottle washer, hound hugger, and pooper-scooper… so, while  I take my job as blog lady seriously, I’m a bit behind on the first few days of their lives. There’s been a lot of interesting things going on, and I’ll be typing like crazy trying to get everything logged and the pictures all loaded..  Tune in tomorrow for details on Zen’s big event, and the BIG surprise she gave us at the last minute!

Watch this space!  There is more borzoi puppy adorableness to come, so keep your eyes peeled…

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